I have been providing Yacht Race Scoring software for the past 30+ years. The program is updated based on feedback from users. The program has been constantly improved as users request addition features or report problems. I am available  to users via email or phone to assist with the use of the program or to answer more general questions about scoring.
The program is configurable so that it can handle most types of club and regatta events. Use the tabs at the left to checkout the program functions.
The complete installable version of QS is available in DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS for new users or users of older versions. The current version is QS version 6.45.
The USER UPDATE tab will provide an update to the current version from earlier versions of QS version 6
There is an optional feature in QS which allows the capture of finish time in an electronic stopwatch. These finish times can then be transferred to QuickScore via the computer serial port.
The Stopwatch option requires an Ultrak 499 stop watch with cable and serial port connector - available on line from multiple vendors.
The QS installation also includes a separate program that can be used with a computer on board the committee boat to provide reminders and countdown time for the flags and sounds of the starting sequence. It can also be used as a large time of day display for manually logging finish times.
Click the appropriate box on the menu frame for more details
If you have questions or would like a  free evaluation copy of the program, click HERE to download it or  email your Name, Address and Yacht Club to:
dan.hollands@gmail.com or phone Dan at 585-872-2606
The cost to a new user is $140 which includes assistance by either phone or email.
The cost to update from any  version of QS earlier than 2003 is $40
The cost to update from QS03 to QS04 is $20
Payment by Check in US dollars or by PayPal
Click Here to download QS instruction manual
Click Here to download Stopwatch instructions
For Information about handicap systems go to www.USSailing.org and select RACING - Handicap systems
For interpretations of the scoring rules go to www.ussailing.org/racemgt/Changes_RRS/Appendix_A_guidance.htm  
Other useful websites:
International Sailing Federation  http://www.sailing.org/
Online Yacht Clubs http://sailing.org/sailingclubs/
ELB Software http://www.racelog.com/
PHRF Lake Ontario http://www.phrf-lo.org/
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