You can download the complete QuickScore program. Until a registration number is entered, it is an evaluation program that is fully functional but only 12 boats can be scored in a race. If you try the program and want to purchase it, contact me, promise to pay and I will give you a registration number. Pay by check made out to Dan Hollands or by PayPal using
The cost is: 
Dan Hollands
1120 S Creek Dr
Webster NY 14580
To install:
After installing  you may get an error referring to crviewer.dll when you try to create a report. If you get this error do the following:
Start> My Computer> Local Disk (c:)> Windows> System32> Scroll down to CMD.exe, right click and 'Run as Administrator'
If you have a 32 bit computer (most common)
Then type  regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\crviewer.dll and click enter
If you have a 64 bit computer (less common)
Then type  regsvr32 C:\windows\sysWOW64\crviewer.dll and click enter
It should tell you that it has been registered ok
If you get different error message contact me and I will help you resolve the problem
Download install_QSV6-45.exe for XP, VISTA, Windows 7 or Windows 8 by clicking HERE
Run the downloaded program to install it.
A Shortcut icon will be put on the Desktop.
The program will be a fully functional program but will only score 11 boats in a race until the registration  number is entered
Download QS_Setup_W98.exe for Windows 98 by clicking HERE.
The Instruction Manual will be installed in C:\Score or you can download it HERE.
Run QS_Setup.exe or QS_Setup_W98 to install the program.
The Progam Files, including QSV6-45.exe, will be installed in C:\Program Files\QS
I recommend copying the setup file to a  backup device so that it can be used for backup or for installing the program on another computer.