Quick Score  is a Windows program compatible with Windows  98, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA and Windows 7. It provides the capability of scoring both handicap and one design races. Multiple handicap / one design classes can be scored in the same race. Both individual races and race series are scored. The scoring methods are configurable to meet a wide variety of scoring requirements for both regatta and club racing.
Handicap systems supported PHRF time on distance, PHRF time on time, PORTSMOUTH, IRC, MORC, IOR
Standard Print formats are provided or users can create their own format
Low Point scoring is the most commonly used  however QS also provides Bonus Low Point, High Point system, High Point Average and a Cox Sprague High point system
When the program is initially loaded, it is the evaluation version and can only score 11 boats. The entry of a registration number which you will receive when you have committed to buy the program  will allow the program to be fully functional.

The following is an overview of the steps required to score a race
A. Make registration database
The data relating to each boat is kept in a database with a name in the format YOURNAMEqs.mdb.
Select Files/New Reg. File, Enter the name of the new file and type in the data using  the Enter / Change selections in the Register menu.
B. Enter Contact Person
The name of a person to contact with scoring questions prints on each result printout. Enter this information by selecting Files / Set Contact Person
C. Enter Series Name
Use Files / Set Title of Race Series to enter the base name for a series, e.g. Spring  Wed.. As each race is scored in the series, the race number will be appended, e.g Spring Wed #1, Spring Wed #2, etc
D. Enter Yacht Club Name
Use Files / Set Yacht Club Name to enter the name of  the organization sponsoring the race series
E. Set the Race Configuration
Use Race Configuration menu to set division names, handicap and other scoring details
F. Create Race Header
The first step in scoring a race is to supply information about the race. Selecting  Score / New Race will bring up the Header Screen. The program will suggest a Race Number and Race Name and will provide space to fill in starting time and distance if required for the handicap method being used.
G. Enter Finish Times
Selecting Score / Enter Finish Time brings up the Finish Time screen which provides for the entry of  finish times as well as for the entry of DSQ, DNF, and Protest information. Boats in One Design fleets will have sequential finish times automatically entered.
H. Check Finish Time Entry
Before leaving the Finish Time Screen, it is good practice to select Sort by Finish Time and compare the finish times on screen with the source data to make sure there are no entry errors. The finish times can be printed in finish time sequence by using Score / Print Finish Times.
I. Review / Print Results        
   Use Score / Select Race Result Print Format  to select the desired print format. Then select Score / Print Race Result  to preview and  print the results. Note that results can be exported in a variety of formats by clicking the "Envelope" icon on the print preview screen the  DHTML, .RTF and Word formats work best for export.
J. !!!!! Make Backups !!!!!
As soon as you have created or changed your database or race results you should backup the files. You can do this by copying the racename.mdb, racename.nam and racename.01, .02, .03 etc files to another directory or disc. This will insure that you don't have to reenter all of data if your hard drive crashes or if something corrupts your data. Another way to make backups is to use the File/Backup Data menu item. This will create a directory called BACKUP under your results directory e.g. C:\SCORE\BACKUP and will copy all files related to the current race name to that directory. The current version and the last backup are both saved.
K. Calculate Series Totals
After more than 1 race has been scored, the Series Total menu can be used to set conditions for the series scoring, break ties and print results.
L. Duplicate Sail Numbers
The program accommodates duplicate sail numbers. Any time a search is made for a sail number e.g. during Finish Time Entry, if duplicates are found a window is opened to allow you to select which boat you want.