This screen allow the users to determine how DSQ, DNF etc should be scored. This can be set individually by division or all divisions can be set the same. Buttons are provided to set the points as recommended by USSailing  for Club or Regatta events.
Note the TLE function lets a boat scored Time Limit Expired be different from boats scored DNF
The Race Configuration screen selects the handicap method and the points for first place on either a Division by Division basis or all divisions may be indicated as having the same configuration. When Time on Time is selected the user must indicate which method of determining the Time on Time rating is used.
The Series Scoring Method applies to all divisions. Low point is the most common and is the type recommended by USSailing.
Quick Score can be configured to match a very wide variety of scoring methods. These three screens  show the major configuration decisions. Other minor configuration decisions are made as the races are scored and the series total results are calculated. Print configurations are described in later pages.
The terms Division, Fleet, Class often have different meanings to different clubs. Here the smallest set of boats racing against each other is called a Division. The divisions may be assigned to different groups if overall results for the group as well as division results are desired. Above Div 1 and Div 2 are handicap divisions and J24 is a one design division