Once the sail numbers have been entered and verified, the "Transfer Finish Times to QS" button is clicked. This puts the finish times into the QS database just as if they had been entered on the Finish Time screen. The Finish Time screen can then be used to enter DNF, DSQ etc and the race calculations are completed as usual
The sail number for each finish time is then entered and the "Check Sail Numbers" button is clicked. This shows the boat name and the division for each sail number and indicates any sail numbers not in the boat database. Sail Numbers and Finish Times can be corrected, added or deleted using  this screen.
The Stopwatch is started before the first boat finishes and the time the watch is started is recorded. A button on the watch is pushed as each boat crosses. When the race is complete a button is pushed to stop the watch.
The watch is then plugged into the computer serial port and from the New Race Header screen  a button is clicked to get the stopwatch data.
The screen below then comes up, the time when the stopwatch was started is entered, the "Get Stopwatch data" is clicked and a button on the stopwatch is pushed to start transferring the data.
The screen below shows the Stopwatch Data screen after the finish time data has been transferred from the watch.
This option provides an electronic stopwatch that stores the finish times and a cable that allows the stopwatch to be plugged into a serial port of a computer to transfer the finish times into the computer after the race is complete.
Multiple races can be stored and the races transferred one race at a time to the computer for scoring. Over 1000 finish times can be stored.
Click Here to download Stopwatch instructions