The export to PDF format and RTF (exact) format may not work. I have found the files that are supposed to make them work but so far have not been successful on my test computer. If you want to use the RTF format look in C:\Windows\System and delete crxf_rtf.dll. This will allow the older version of the RTF exporter to become active.
1. When exporting in HTML format use HTML 4.0
2. If you export regularly in a specific format, you can make it easier to find the format by getting rid of formats you never use. The Formats shown are controlled by the files starting with the letters U2F....DLL in the C:\Windows\System folder.  For example U2FWORDW.DLL is for Word format, U2FHTML.DLL is for html format etc. You can delete or rename all the U2F..... formats that you never use. Also CRXF_PDF.DLL is the format for PDF format.
3. If you want to back up results files to a floppy disc use Window Explorer to copy all files with the name you used for the race series (yourname03.xxx) to a floppy. These files are by default in the C:\Score folder unless you have put them elsewhere. If you don't know how to use Windows Explorer, then you should go to the windows start button, select help / index / explorer, windows
4. If when you export, you simply export to a file and then email the file and you use Outlet Express for email you might try exporting to Microsoft Email (MAPI)  instead of to Disk Drive. This lets you export directly to an email address.
5. If you export in HTML then use HTML 4.0.  When you export to HTML there is a screen with two check boxes. Uncheck "Page Navigator" to eliminate the Navigation Buttons, uncheck "Separate HTML Pages" to put everything on one page. There may still be a gap where the page break would be.
6. The backup function causes some confusion. If your scoring file is in C:\Score then when you select backup it will create a folder C:\Score\Backup. The next time you start QS make sure you are in C:\Score. If you are in C:\Score\Backup then if you say backup again it will create a folder C:\Score\Backup\Backup.
7. It is a good idea to make a backup of the QS CD either by using a CD burner to copy the CD or by just copying the CD onto an empty folder on  the hard drive. I got a number of requests last year for replacement CDs due to damage (someone sat on it) or loss (last years scorer left town and we can't find the CD).
8. A couple of people reported getting this message when trying to start QS03 after installing it
The Jet VBA file (VBAJET.dll for 16-bit versions, or VBAJET32.dll for 32-bit versions) failed to initialize when called. Try reinstalling the applications that returned the error.
Per Microsoft this can be caused by certain combinations of various revisions of system files. The file expsrv.dll placed in C:\Windows\System should solve this problem. If you have this problem, click HERE to download this file.